FORCE BLUE has teamed up on a project with the Sea Of Change Foundation that aims to use FORCE BLUE’s Special Operations Veterans to raise awareness about the ocean and the threats it faces.

The project will include public service announcements by FORCE BLUE aimed at military families, the veterans community, and their supporters. The first announcement focuses on the choices we make as consumers when it comes to single-use plastics. The announcement highlights that if enough people make a small educated, positive choice, it can amount to a big change.

According to Samantha Whitcraft, director of conservation and outreach for the Sea of Change Foundation:

“Partnering with FORCE BLUE provides the perfect opportunity to empower the broader military community to make sustainable choices for themselves, their families, and our oceans. We’re thrilled to work with them to expand awareness about these important issues.”

Check out a FORCE BLUE video on plastics below.

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