Ikelite’s TTL Circuitry To Be Teamed Up With Aquatica’s U/W Camera Housing Line

Serious underwater shutterbugs have a new option when it comes to their camera equipment.

U.S. company Ikelite and Canadian company Aquatica have teamed up to to make Ikelite‘s internal TTL circuitry available in Aquatica‘s underwater camera housing line, the two companies announced recently.

Aquatica’s A7D Mk II housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR camera, to be introduced early next year, will be the cornerstone of the new collaboration.

The two companies said in joint statement:

Consistent exposure is the hallmark of Ikelite TTL technology. Integration directly into the housing gives the photographer total creative lighting control, with the opportunity to access both over/under exposure compensation and manual exposure settings through a single easy-to-reach control. The visionary design of the Ikelite TTL circuitry takes its power source directly from the strobes, eliminating the unreliability of small batteries commonly used in TTL converters.


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