Saturday, July 20, 2024

Mako Shark Surprises Fishermen By Leaping Onto Their Boat


New Zealand sport fishermen were shocked when a 9ft/2.7m Mako shark jumped out of the water, landed on the bow of their boat and began thrashing about.

Charter boat owner and skipper Ryan Churches told the New Zealand Herald:

“We were out at the Aldermans fishing with five customers on board winding a bait in and the mako took the bait. We were fighting it normally and it was jumping around. I told the customers ‘if it jumps in the boat get out of the way.’”

Thankfully, the shark was unharmed in the incident and managed to get itself back in the water. According to Churches:

“He got away safe. There’s nothing much we could do. We can’t go up the front to go near it because they go absolutely bonkers. We dropped the anchor down a little bit because it seemed to be holding it in place [on the boat]. He went absolutely bonkers again and pushed himself through the bow rail and slid back into the water. I was trying to figure out ways of how to get it off if it didn’t slide off. I was thinking what the f*** do we do? But it all worked out.”

 You can check out a video of some of the incident below.

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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