Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Shark Trust’s First ‘Great Shark Snapshot’ Is A Success


The Shark Trust’s first Great Shark Snapshot results are in, and it’s a resounding success by all accounts.

During the seven days of the event, divers from around the world submitted images they had taken of sharks. In total, photos were submitted from 14 countries, and the images feature 49 different species of shark.

Around 2000 images of sharks and rays were submitted to the Great Shark Snapshot. Species submitted include:

  • Thresher Sharks
  • Duckbill Eagle Ray
  • Blue Sharks
  • Scalloped Hammerheads
  • Basking Sharks
  • Wobbegong sharks

Also, the Great Eggcase Hunt took place at the same time, allowing non-divers to submit their findings on beaches. With over 380 cases belonging to eight species being reported to the database.

According to Caroline Robertson-Brown, the Marketing Coordinator at the Shark Trust:

“I am delighted with how our first Great Shark Snapshot has gone. What I loved most was getting so many messages from people saying how much they enjoyed taking part. Many dive centers I have spoken to have now decided to run regular shark and ray survey events and will be adding their sightings to our Shark Log database.” 

You can find out more about the Great Shark Snapshot here, or check out a video below.

Sam Helmy
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