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Single or not, You can MERY the Ocean

After Facebook said no to Alex Rose’s request to create a profile called The Ocean, she decided to take her idea of committing to the ocean to a larger scale and the Blue Ring Initiative was born.

For a US$25/~21.54 Euros annual fee, members can “MERY” the ocean and show their commitment with a blue ring or pendant. Currently 3000 people have taken the vow, but Alex has a goal of reaching at least 200,000 people. She’s showcasing the rings and pendants at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Blue Ring Initiative
Blue Ring Initiative

Her US$5 million/~4.3 million Euro fundraising goal will directly support two submarines, named Hope 1 and Hope 2. As part of the DEEP HOPE project, these submarines will visit Hope Spots around the world and provide the opportunity for the general public to experience deep sea exploration. People can apply to dive in the sub for free and see the ocean like never before. Submarines are traditionally used by research organizations, governments or the super wealthy, so there are many opportunities for the average person to explore the underwater world from inside one.

Her goal for this project is to connect and reconnect people to the ocean in ways they have never experienced or ways they had forgotten about. The world of ocean conservation can seem overwhelming and people often lose hope. This simple statement is tangible and directly supports a project, so people can track the progress and see what their donations are making possible.

To join the Blue Ring Initiative and show your commitment to ocean optimism and conservation, check out the Blue Ring Initiative website.

Jillian Morris Brake
Jillian Morris Brake
Jillian Morris ("Shark Girl") is a marine biologist, shark conservationist, professional videographer/photographer, educator, writer and is absolutely obsessed with sharks. She grew up on the water in Maine and has wrapped her life around the ocean. She is the founder and president of Sharks4Kids, a shark education nonprofit inspiring the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach, and adventure.