Unmanned Surface Drone To Patrol No-Fishing Zone Off Pitcairn Islands

Unmanned Surface Drone Will Patrol The No-Fishing Zone Off The Pitcairn Islands
An Unmanned Surface Drone Will Patrol The No-Fishing Zone Off The Pitcairn Islands (Photo Credit: Liquid Robotics)

Who says you need humans to prevent illegal fishing?

The British government announced this month it would be using an unmanned surface drone to patrol the waters around the Pitcairn Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The 834,000-square-kilometer/322,000-square-mile zone around the island chain is the biggest marine reserve in the world.

The drone is called the Wave Glider and is built by Sunnyvale, California-based Liquid Robotics.

The company recently announced its ocean robots had traveled a total of 1 million nautical miles in the world’s seas, the equivalent of 46 times around the earth.

The Wave Glider is the first unmanned surface vehicle to complete missions from the Arctic to the Southern Ocean, operate through 17 hurricanes/typhoons, and achieve a Guinness World Record for the “longest journey by an autonomous, unmanned surface vehicle on the planet,” according to Liquid Robotics.

For more info about the Wave Glider, check out the Liquid Robotics website.

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