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US Ocean Observing System Committee To Hold Public, Virtual Meetings In November, December


Folks who are interested in how the US government monitors the health of the ocean may want to put November 29th, 2021 and December 6th, 2021 on their calendars.

Those are the days where the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Integrated Ocean Observing System Advisory Committee will be holding public, virtual meetings to talk about what the committee should focus on over the next three years, according to a government notice published this week:

“The meeting will focus on (1) providing the Committee with programmatic updates from the U.S. IOOS program and the IOOC and (2) presentations and discussion to determine the work plan for the Committee over the next three years.”

The committee will provide advice on a bunch of topics, including:

“(a) Administration, operation, management, and maintenance of the Integrated Coastal and Ocean Observation System (the System);
“(b) expansion and periodic modernization and upgrade of technology components of the System; [and]
“(c) identification of end-user communities, their needs for information provided by the System, and the System’s effectiveness in disseminating information to end-user communities and to the general public.”

The latest version of the agenda will be available at

John Liang
John Liang
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