The winners of the 2019 Underwater Photographer of the Year have been announced.

The winning image, titled “The Gauntlet,” features a swarm of grey reef sharks preying on a hapless Parrotfish at night of the reefs of French Polynesia, and was shot by British photographer Richard Barnden.

Renowned underwater photographer Alex Mustard MBE, who chaired the judging panel, stated:

“Photography is about preserving moments and what an unforgettable instant this is. Using a wide angle lens, the photographer takes us into the full drama of the hunt, as a melee of grey reef sharks rise like a breaking wave to tear apart their prey, truly revealing the ocean’s wilder side.”

 The winners in the main categories for 2019 are:

  • Underwater Photographer of the Year: Richard Barnden, UK.
  • British Underwater Photographer of the Year: Richard Barnden, UK.
  • Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year: Eduardo Acevedo, Spain.
  • Up &   Coming   Underwater Photographer of the Year: Taeyup Kim,
  • Most Promising British Underwater Photographer Of The Year: Malcolm Nimmo, UK.

Other winners this year include:

  • Wide Angle: François Baelen (Reunion).
  • Macro: Fabio Iardino (Italy).
  • Wrecks: René B. Andersen (Denmark).
  • Behaviour: Richard Barnden (United Kingdom).
  • Portrait: Nicholas Samaras (Greece).
  • Black & White: Henley Spiers (Philippines).
  • Compact: Enrico Somogyi (Germany).
  • British Waters Wide Angle: Robert Bailey (United Kingdom).
  • British Waters Macro: Arthur Kingdon (United Kingdom).
  • British Waters Living Together: Victoria Walker (United Kingdom).
  • British Waters Compact: Martin Edser (United Kingdom).

You can download the Underwater Photographer of the Year yearbook here.

(Photo credit: Richard Barnden)

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