Thursday, September 17, 2020

201 m/ 663 ft dive with a Megalodon CCR in Thailand


Cedric Verdier, a Technical Diving Instructor Trainer since 16 years, pushed the limits of the Sra Keow Cave to 201 m/ 663ft.
For this 6 hour-long dive, he used a standard ISC Megalodon Closed-Circuit rebreather with an axial scrubber and no major modification (except oil-filled handsets and battery compartments to withstand the pressure). The Megalodon CCR performed flawlessly at these extreme depths. This dive is supposed to be the deepest dive ever done with a Megalodon, and also the deepest cave dive/rebreather dive ever done in Asia.
For this exploration, his team mate is Mike Gadd, a very experienced rebreather diver who used an Ouroboros CCR. During a previous expedition, both divers already explored this cave system to a maximum depth of 150m / 495 ft. Some other dives are planned for the next few days to further explore this huge cave that is supposed to go much deeper than 220 m / 726 ft…

A full trip report will be available next week on before heading to the Philippines Islands and some extremely deep wrecks.

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise is the former News Editor for She is based in Dubai.


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