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‘Last Man Diving’ Season Two Premieres

Season Two of the popular web series "Last Man Diving" has premiered with an episode titled "Delegation."

DAN Offers Support To Dive Shops Affected By Wildfires

DAN has stepped in to support dive operators affected by wildfires in the USA.

Scuba Gear for Beginners from Aqualung

It's fair to say that Aqua Lung know what they're doing when making kit

U.S. Court Grants Ownership Of Pulaski Shipwreck Artifacts To Blue Water...

It looks like the company that recovered a bunch of rare U.S. gold coins from a shipwreck off the coast of North Carolina can now begin selling them.

Dive Paradise Cozumel Partners With Local Nonprofit For ‘Citizen Science’

Dive operator Dive Paradise Cozumel recently announced the beginning of its collaboration with the local nonprofit Cozumel Ocean Research (COR).

Dive Into the History Of Bahrain Pearling

Now known as an oil-rich nation, Bahrain was previously known as a pearl-rich country, and the history of pearling in the country goes back over 2,000 years.

Date For Underwater Pumpkin Carving Event Announced

The date has been announced for this year’s Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest off Key Largo, Florida.

Innerspace 2019 To Be Hosted By Divetech Little Cayman

The dates and prices for the 2019 Innerspace rebreather event on Little Cayman have been announced.

Ocean Education International Aims To Redefine The Tourism Experience

A new company, Ocean Education International, aims to reshape and redefine the tourism experience.

Neptune’s Warriors To Hold Indoor Scuba Challenge

Neptune’s Warriors will host an indoor scuba challenge, in partnership with the Boise Scuba Center.

400-Year-Old Intact Trade Ship Found Of The Coast Of Portugal

What is quite possibly the most important shipwreck in Portuguese history has been found off the town of Cascais.

Divers Search For ‘Black Box’ From Chuuk Plane Crash

U.S. Navy sailors were working on improving a wharf near Chuuk in Micronesia late last week when an Air Nuigini 737 passenger jet crashed into a lagoon just short of the international airport.

The Wreck Of Captain Cook’s HMS Endeavour May Have Been Finally...

The wreck of HMS Endeavour could have been finally found off the coast of North America.

Latest Members Of The International Scuba Diving Hall Of Fame Announced

The 2018 inductees to the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame are announced.
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