Saturday, September 19, 2020

Aquasketch Unveils Prototype For New Ways To Use Paper Underwater


Mark Hagan, inventor of the Aquasketch, brought the prototype of a new product to DEMA Show this year.

Along with the popular Minno 2 (US$54.95/~48 Euros) wrist mount scroll, Hagan has created a larger, stackable tablet. As opposed to conventional slates, this tablet allows a way to bring pre-printed material underwater for reference. The sheets are made of a heat-resistant polyester material that you can use in any laser printer at home. They are inserted into the tablet and then can be drawn on or notated with a graphite pencil like the Minno.

Uses include reference materials if you are teaching classes, maps of sites, decompression tables and templates, or whatever your dive may require. The stackable feature allows them to be organized together for portability when multiple large sheets may be necessary, making it appealing for underwater archeologists and military applications as well.

The tablet is scheduled to be available on the market in early 2019.

— Craig Harris

New Aquasketch prototype at DEMA Show 2018
New Aquasketch prototype at DEMA Show 2018 DEMA Team DEMA Team
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