Bikini Atoll 2005 – travel for the discerning diver

Bikini Atoll – the forbidden paradise

Scuba Safaris have released their price list for dive travel to the Marshall Islands this year.

The Marshall Islands are famous for their Bikini Atoll, located in the central Pacific, best known for its series of nuclear tests conducted by the USA in the 1940s and 50s.

Shark diving the famous Shark Pass, and wreck diving wrecks from WW1, has put Bikini Atoll as one of the top five diving destinations in the world, as declared by Skin Diver magazine, and Conde’ Nast Traveller Magazine voted Bikini Atoll as one of the top ten diving destinations in 1997.

A favourite with the Discovery Channel, the Marshall Islands remain on the Top Ten list and are not to be missed.

See articles from Divernet, Coast Magazine, and a special feature trip from actor Dennis Haysbert.


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