The British Sub-Aqua Club has announced that it has seen a rise in the number of clubs.

The increase comes from two sources: Not only are new clubs being set up by groups of certified divers but also various established clubs are switching over to the BSAC fraternity. Clubs that have switched over to BSAC include:

  • Scubadiving-Indepth SAC
  • Carlisle Sub-Aqua Club

One of the main reasons BSAC clubs are increasing is that BSAC has made it easier than ever for certified divers to set up a BSAC club, or for already-established clubs to switch their affiliation to BSAC.

The process of setting up a club is easy, and according to the recently formed North Wales Technical Divers (NWTD) Diving Officer Dave Howson:

“NWTD initially pursued an unaffiliated club route as we weren’t BSAC trained. However, as it turned out BSAC was the perfect option – the support from head office has been great, we’ve grown to 71 members and we’ve saved a small fortune on insurance.”

If you live in the U.K., you can find out how to start a BSAC club here.

BSAC Welcomes New Clubs
BSAC Welcomes New Clubs

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