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COARE: Another Year At The Core Of Marine Conservation

The team was honored to get time with Christopher Chin, executive director of the Center for Oceanic Awareness, Research and Conservation at this year’s DEMA Show.

We are always impressed with this amazing organization of activists dedicated to creating a positive and lasting impact on the health of our oceans. They have been hard at work developing the basis for discussion on a global instrument to reduce single-use plastics, plastic waste and plastic production. COARE is excited to report that this will be a highlight in many very important upcoming discussions, one in Geneva in a few weeks, to gain momentum and public endorsement for this great initiative.

This important forward motion will provide countries with the structure of a United Nations Framework Convention for plastic to mitigate and adapt their use with the aim of a global reach. These are the incredible types of legislative efforts COARE pours their hearts into to save our oceans through direct action.

Another really exciting highlight we discussed at DEMA 2018 is COARE’s Green Divers for Blue Oceans project. This is a program that reaches out to divers, dive operations and manufacturing affiliates who are among the most intimately aware and conscious of the ocean and its state. Their goal with this is to develop a network to encourage best practices for marine conservation through those of us that are in the frontlines and involved in the dive industry everyday. To learn more about this and how we can become, promote or develop a more conscious and responsible dive community together, visit their website at

— Natalie Blea DEMA Team DEMA Team
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