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AquaLung Goes Rogue At DEMA Show 2018

While taking in DEMA 2018, was lucky enough to catch up with Dean Martin over at AquaLung to see some great products highlighted at this year’s show.

The new I200C innovative, sporty dive watch is about to hit the market. It will have some catchy color options that really pop for every diver’s style. It’s a great affordable option in this dive computer series that fully links to AquaLung’s Diver Log Plus application.

AquaLung's new I200C dive watch.
AquaLung’s new I200C dive watch at DEMA Show 2018.

This exciting app allows divers to take a great new approach to digitally logging and recording their dive activity. It will allow the traveling diver to link something like current time zone and GPS location instantly at their favorite dive sites. We are loving this great new way to link and share your profiles, above and below the surface photos and even sign off on dives with your favorite buddies.

Another eye-catcher was the newly released Rogue, a completely modular BCD opening up many options for the perfect fit for many shapes and sizes. This system offers a wide variety of interchangeable sizes (S, M & L) for the shoulder straps, back section and waist section. These can be combined and fine-tuned to perfection!

AquaLung's new Rogue BCD.
AquaLung’s new Rogue BCD at DEMA Show 2018.

You can check out more information and many of their fun colorful dive skins to cover and coordinate your kit on the website.

— Natalie Blea DEMA Team DEMA Team
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