Sunday, November 28, 2021

Cressi Releases Cherokee Ocean Series Speargun


Bob Leite of Cressi introduced DEMA 2015 attendees to the new Cherokee Ocean speargun this week.

Available in 90cm, 100cm, 110cm, and even a 120cm length, the Cherokee features an anodized aluminum barrel, open muzzle, 7mm spring steel shaft, shark fin band tabs rather than the common notched design.

The trigger is a stainless steel modular design, and the upper end of the gun is wider, providing a bit more air volume and buoyancy toward the front to stabilize the shot.

The 7mm spring steel shaft has no undercut behind the barb, which is typically a weak spot in many shaft designs. Likewise, the flopper is a bit lower on the shaft to prevent roll-off on longer shots. The gun uses spectra bands instead of the slotted shaft ends. There is also a rest tab, which is particularly useful on the longer models. The Cherokee comes prerigged complete with swivel, and slide-on reels are available.

Cressi‘s low-volume mask line is being augmented to include green mask skirts for additional camouflage opportunities. Cressi‘s Nano Mask is their lowest-volume mask and retails for US$90. Leite provided a quick tutorial of their Nano Mask’s innovative design. — By Branon Edwards DEMA Team
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