Tuesday, September 26, 2023
DEMA Show CoverageJBL Releases New Logo, New Camo Wetsuits, and a Carbon Fiber Railgun

JBL Releases New Logo, New Camo Wetsuits, and a Carbon Fiber Railgun


JBL Spearguns has added to its extensive line of Spearguns with a new carbon fiber railgun. Based on the Reaper Speargun Series, the new gun offers a carbon fiber barrel and metal trigger components. Their Euro Series has an updated, more aggressive muzzle profile and a 45-degree channel bottom. As a note of interest, JBL’s Woody Series Spearguns are made of African mahogany, which is legally and ethically sourced according to JBL‘s Sam Skinner.

The company is presently in the process of rebranding itself, which includes a new logo and a stronger focus on freediving. Perhaps the most interesting development is the soft release of their new Yamamoto camouflage wetsuits. Available as a one-piece in closed-cell neoprene and as a two-piece in open-cell neoprene, the camouflage pattern is actually two patterns in one.

“The reason you employ camo is first to avoid detection and second to dissipate your shape if and when you are detected,” says Skinner, “and our suits have both a micro and macro pattern.”

The micro pattern is based on an Ocean Reef 4 graphic, and the macro pattern employs a series of blended stripes to help break up the diver’s profile, which inhibits wildlife’s ability to figure out where the diver begins and ends in the water.

The suits are currently offered as a very limited release based on a small production run. Beyond the colorful aesthetics of the suits, they also feature a loading pad and a utility pouch on the right thigh, perfect for spearfishing.

Dr. Branon A. Edwards is a PADI Divemaster and former Scuba Editor for DeeperBlue.com. He is an avid diver, spearfisherman, and sailor who lives aboard a 32-foot sailboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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