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Demand For Shark Fin Soup In China Sees 80 Percent Drop

Consumption of shark fins in China has gone down by 80 percent, according to a new report by WildAid.

Not only that, Chinese imports of shark fins have declined by 81 percent, the new report states.

But just because shark fin consumption in China has gone down, that doesn’t mean other countries in Asia are following suit.

The WildAid report finds that shark fin soup is still in demand in Macau and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Additionally, Project AWARE is pointing out that recent data on international trade in shark fins and meat isn’t restricted to Asian markets. Several countries in South America and Europe are among the world’s top shark consumers.

Project AWARE made an infographic based on a 2015 Food and Agriculture Organization report that debunks myths about the global shark trade and points the way to key improvements.

The infographic reveals the significant growth in markets for shark and ray meat, as well as the countries and inadequately restricted fisheries associated with this largely under-the-radar trade.

Dr. Shelley Clarke, co-author of the FAO shark trade report and renowned shark fisheries scientist, says:

“With so many shark species and products in trade, it can be difficult to get your head around what is really happening. Understanding sources and trends is a critical step toward making sure the trade is sustainable and traceable, and the underlying fisheries are properly managed.”

Domino Albert, Project AWARE’s Associate Director for Global Communications, said:

“We set out to make the findings of the landmark 2015 FAO shark product report more accessible and actionable. In addition to mapping out the top shark trading countries and routes, the infographic offers a close look at the challenges researchers face when studying these global markets, and highlights the measures necessary to increase trade traceability and sustainability.”

Check out the infographic below, and read the full WildAid report here.

Project AWARE Infographic On The Global Shark Trade
Project AWARE Infographic On The Global Shark Trade
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