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‘Destination Dive’ Series To Premiere On August 6th


A new series premiering this weekend on the Discovery Channel will show scientists’ efforts to rescue corals off the Florida Keys.

A devastating disease called stony coral tissue loss disease was ripping across Florida’s corals, according to Tanya Ramsyer, the Coral Rescue Project coordinator for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission:

“It causes tissue loss on these corals, so their tissue literally just peels right off the skeleton.”

A team of scientists subsequently descended on the Dry Tortugas, off the Florida Keys, throwing away years of research that corals should not be disturbed. It was risky.

Sarah Fangman of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary said:

“This was not something anyone had ever done before. When you think about corals, you are taught not to touch them, and here we are, hacking them off the reef and taking them to Iowa, Texas and New Jersey to be held and carefully cared for.”

Not only did the corals survive but they thrived and reproduced and now they are being transplanted back in the Florida Keys.

This never before seen footage of this dramatic rescue, restoration and replanting will air as part of the “Destination Dive” series on the Discovery Channel on September 3rd at 8:30am.

Mike Zimmer, Executive Producer of “Destination Dive,” said:

“This expedition took place several years ago, but one can’t help but think about today’s Global Warming crisis. There is hope and work is being done to save the corals throughout the Florida Keys.”

For more info about the show, go to destination

Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
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