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DEMA Show CoverageDry Case Unveils New Moonwater Backpack Color Scheme

Dry Case Unveils New Moonwater Backpack Color Scheme


Waterproof bag company DryCase introduced new colors to its Moonwater backpack at this year’s DEMA Show 2017.

The innovative waterproof backpack sports a padded lower back support that can double to keep things dry or be used as a mini ice chest.

The 20-liter/5.3-gallon backpack is made of a sturdy marine material that opens and rolls down from the top to seal. It features a convenient mesh pocket upfront, a durable rubber top hold handle, webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag, a water bottle holder and a zippered inside pocket.

Drycase's waterproof backpack line at DEMA Show 2017
Drycase’s waterproof backpack line at DEMA Show 2017

The backpack has a two-way purge valve that inflates or deflates and will drain excess water if used as an ice chest, making it the perfect carry-on bag for any adventure.

The backpack is available in three new colors: Sunfire, Dark Grey and the popular Moonwater which looks like the ocean.

The Moonwater retails for US$99/~85 Euros and has a limited lifetime warranty. For more info, check out the company website at drycase.com.

Dot Fundock, with photos by Julie Morgan

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