SEAC is changing the way dive buddies communicate underwater with the presentation of their new GURU dive computer and transmitter at DEMA Show 2017.

What sets this computer apart from others like it is actually the transmitter itself. Equipped with up to 500 life cycles, the GURU transmitter has a light that constantly flashes in a distinct pattern to let buddies know how much air is remaining in the diver’s tank.

The GURU flashes green intermittently when the diver is well above half a tank, yellow when the diver drops below half, and ultimately red when the tank has dropped to a level below 700psi. The transmitter can also be paired with two separate dive computers, meaning a diver can see not only his own tank information, but also his buddy’s.

SEAC's GURU dive computer & transmitter
SEAC’s GURU dive computer & transmitter

The GURU also comes with multiple modes and settings, making it a more versatile computer all-around. It is equipped with:

Three dive modes- Scuba, Gauge, and Freedive
• Two gas mixes
• 160 hour Internal Logbook
• Fitness Mode
• 6 Levels of Conservativeness
• 3D tilt compass

SEAC's GURU dive computer & transmitter
SEAC’s GURU dive computer

The GURU comes in four different colors and retails for US$649/~558 Euros. The transmitter retails for US$349/~300 Euros. For more information, check out the SEAC website.

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Sarah Barrett
Sarah has always had both a love and curiosity of the ocean. After learning how to dive in 2012, she quickly made the decision to pursue a career in diving. Sarah now works as a Scuba Diving Instructor and spends most of her free time in the water shooting underwater video.

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