Earth is Blue: NMSF Stands up for Sanctuaries at DEMA

Kris Sarri and her NMSF team at #DEMAShow2017 (photo by Francesca Koe)
Kris Sarri and her NMSF team at #DEMAShow2017 (photo by Francesca Koe)

Earth is Blue. And nowhere is that more true than at a dive trade show which is exactly why the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation (NMSF) is exhibiting for the fifth time at DEMA Show.

It’s the inaugural appearance for Kris Sarri, the new President and CEO of the NMSF, and she is excited to share the amazing habitats divers can discover in the U.S. system of 13 national marine sanctuaries that the foundation supports.

Earth is Blue. Learn about your local sanctuaries.
Earth is Blue. Learn about your local sanctuaries.

Sarri is not only eager to recruit the dive community to help in the NMSF goal of increasing awareness of the beauty and magic of our magnificent system of national marine sanctuaries but to also promote public access, diving and conservation of the ocean.

As a tool to assist in these efforts, the foundation has created an annual magazine called “Earth is Blue” (which also serves as an evergreen hashtag for all sanctuaries along with #standupforsanctuaries).

“We wanted to create a magazine so that people could learn more about the unique & compelling stories of our myriad sanctuaries,” Sarri said. “Each year during Capitol Hill Ocean Week (in June) we publish a new issue, and each issue has a theme. In our first issue we focused on the personalities of each sanctuary site; last year for our second issue the theme was centered around community involvement where we featured success stories like the restoration of the Bolinas Lagoon in the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, and the vital role the local community played in that endeavor.”

#standupforsanctuaries A story of restoration in the Greater Farallones NMS
#standupforsanctuaries A story of restoration at the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary in Bolinas Lagoon.

Another goal Kris Sarri has in mind is to grow the number of sanctuaries in the United States. “Sanctuaries protect important habitats and cultural resources, they are our underwater parks — we can always use more.”

To learn how you can volunteer as a citizen scientist, where to donate money for ocean conservation, or how dive into your local sanctuary visit the NMSF website here.