Ikelite has introduced its new 200DLM/C underwater housing for the Nikon D3500 compact DSLR camera.

Depth-rated to 200 feet (60m), the new housing is substantially smaller and lighter than most interchangeable lens cameras and housings. The back button focus is supported with large, responsive, and extendable levers for shutter and AE-L/AF-L. It also sports premium soft-touch knobs for command dial, mode, power, live view switch, and lens release controls.

The 2200DLM/C has hard, anodized aluminum push buttons for all the rear camera buttons with laser engraved labels. It supports an optional TTL strobe flash by electrical sync cord and a DL1 DS Link Nikon TTL Converter with a NT3 Hotshoe Kit. Additional features include:

* Compatible with optional straight and 45º magnified viewfinders
* Unique rear seal design prevents accidental twisting or stretching of the o-ring
* Camera and o-ring seal are visible through the housing
* ABS-PC and acrylic construction is durable, corrosion proof, and lighter than aluminum
* Optional vacuum check system

Retailing for US$1,050/~917 Euros, the housing requires a compatible DLM lens port for waterproof operation, which is sold separately.

For more info, check out the Ikelite website.

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