Ikelite has updated its CT2K Canon TTL Kit with Hotshoe for use with the new Canon EOS 90D DSLR camera in addition to the mirrorless EOS R and RP models.

According to Ikelite:

“Using TTL (‘Thru-the-lens’) metering, the camera evaluates the amount of light in the scene and the position of the subject and adjusts the external strobe(s)’ power accordingly for a properly lit photo. All you need to do is set the strobe on TTL and pull the trigger.”

Advantages of using a TTL kit include never having to change the strobes’ power settings; the kit allows the strobes to recycle faster; longer-lasting camera and strobe batteries; and more.

The CT2K Canon TTL Kit with Hotshoe retails for US$375 (~339 Euros).

For more info, check out the Ikelite website.

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