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Shark Docu-Film ‘Of Shark And Man’ Now Available To Buy Or Rent

Shark documentary Of Shark And Man is now available to buy and rent internationally after securing a distributing deal.  The film, 7 years in the making, is the debut film by UK Director David Diley.

Initially available on Amazon, it will be coming to all major platforms, as well as DVD and Cable TV channels.

The film tells the inspirational, untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji. A place where locals live side by side with sharks in a world where, far from the villain portrayed in western media, sharks have built an economy of their own and brought a once dead reef back to life.

Diley himself was ecstatic about the news and shared on a blog post on the film’s website:

“It’s been a long road, I signed the deal back in April. One of the reasons it’s taken so long to happen is there have been numerous offers and contracts on the table, all with different details, different financial offers, and different geographic territories so it’s been quite hectic and time-consuming to make the final decision. A decision which the last seven years have been leading up to. A statistic I read a few months back took me by surprise, only 2% of independent films are ever picked up for international distribution and with a documentary, the percentage is even lower so this is no mean feat.”

Diley also references the artwork of the film as it’s changed from the original independent version.

“You will have noticed by now the film has new artwork. In order to stand out in an increasingly saturated market, the distributors felt the artwork needed to be more ‘sharky’ so to speak.”

To buy or rent the film on Amazon at:

For more info, check out the film’s trailer below, as well as’s 5-star review along with our interview with director David Diley.

Stephan Whelan
Stephan Whelan
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