Key Largo Acoustics introduces new underwater comms equipment

Key Largo Acoustics introduces new underwater comms equipment
Key Largo Acoustics introduces new underwater comms equipment

Have you ever needed to say something to your dive buddy and been unable to get the point across with simple hand gestures? Sometimes that message is important to avoiding a dangerous situation.

What if there was an inexpensive solution that could be used in those few critical moments when the complex communication and information content offered by voice is necessary?

Key Largo Acoustics is displaying prototypes for their underwater communications equipment at DEMA Show 2015.

They have three new products in development and were displaying the hardware for its Toucan diver-to-diver communication system at the show.

Derived from the homonym two-can, from two cans and a string, the Toucan is nearly as simple of a device as the age-old children’s toy. The Toucan consists of a mouthpiece, a tube and an earpiece, and it folds into itself for compact storage in a BC pocket.

When needed, the Toucan can be pulled out and unfolded, the ear piece goes to the receiver, and the transmitter purges the tube with “hello, hello, hello,” and then proceeds to send the critical message.

Also in development are the Narrator, a device similar to Toucan that hooks to a GoPro camera to add underwater narration to video, and the POD, which is an amplified megaphone to transmit messages to anyone within a 40 foot radius of the device.

The Toucan and Narrator are projected to retail for under US$50, while the POD is projected at a price point under $500.

For more information, check out the company’s website.

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  1. Hi Michael,
    We are just now getting the Toucan and Narrator on the market. We’ll have them in dive shops in the Florida Keys first. Check them out on our website,
    Come on down!

    Keith Kropf
    Key Largo Acoustics LLC
    Key Largo, FL USA

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