Lavacore Line Now Includes Merino Glove Liners and His/Hers Outerwear

Lavacore Showcasing New Glove Liners At DEMA 2015
Lavacore Showcasing New Glove Liners At DEMA 2015

Lavacore Brand Manager Scott Mastrangelo and the Lavacore girls are showcasing a couple new and some improved products at DEMA 2015.

Mastrangelo explained, “Merino wool is a natural fabric, it doesn’t trap odor, it breathes, and helps to expel excess heat and moisture.”

Lavacore blends 260 gram Merino Wool with Sorona® to add durability and functionality.

Lavacore‘s new “Merino Glove Liners” are designed to be worn on their own or under any dry or neoprene glove for additional warmth. Their Polytherm Booties have been improved and now feature their slip-resistant and durable ToughSole material. Earlier versions of the booties had printed bottoms to add texture and grip, but as this writer personally experienced, while the booties themselves are quite durable, the effectiveness of the printed bottoms is fairly short-lived. The new ToughSole material seems like it will do the trick, even on texture boat deck surfaces, which can be particularly hard on textile-bottomed booties and socks. Both the Glove Liners and Booties retail for $27.95.

Their new Merino Full Zip Jacket not only features the weatherproof nature of natural Murino wool with the same 260g Merino/Sorona® blended lining, but also includes a waterproof and windproof outer coating and anti-chafe taped seams. The jacket is available for both men and women and retails for $229.95. While considered a mid-weight jacket, Mastrangelo‘s recent trip to Canada found him utilizing the jacket almost exclusively.

He points out that Lavacore was the first manufacturer to bring a neutral buoyancy wetsuit into the US market. Lavacore’s line-up includes a wide range of styles and sizes to accommodate curvier ladies and larger guys. Men’s sizes range from Extra Small to 4XL as well as King 1 and King 2. Women’s US sizes range from 0 to 16, plus 6W, 8W, 10W, 12W, and 14W. — By Dr. Branon A. Edwards

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