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Mandatory Nature Fee For Bonaire Diving Can Be Paid Online Now!

The Bonaire National Parks Foundation and STINAPA, which administers Bonaire’s National Marine Park, have announced that the mandatory “Nature Fee” required of all divers in the Marine Park can now be paid online.

Topside visitors to Washington Slagbaai National Park also have to pay a nominal fee.

Washington Slagbaai National Park is a 5,643-hectare/13,944-acre nature sanctuary located in the northwest part of the island. It was the first nature sanctuary of the Netherlands Antilles and was established in 1969. It is a safe habitat for the terrestrial endemic and endangered species of Bonaire. Parrots, flamingos, parakeets, iguanas and many other species of birds and reptiles can be found in this protected area. The beaches inside the park are an important nesting ground for all four species of sea turtles found in the Caribbean.

Bonaire Marine’s Park offers a total of 86 dive sites, and is home to over 57 species of soft and stony coral and more than 350 recorded fish species. Many of the dive sites have access by boat or shore. Founded in 1979 and covering all the waters surrounding Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, from the high-tide mark to 60 meters (200 feet) of depth, the protected area covers about 27 km² (6672 acres).

Bonaire continues to be recognized as one of the top destinations worldwide for its sustainable tourism. For the 26th consecutive year, Bonaire was recognized as the number one Shore Diving Destination in the Caribbean/Atlantic in Scuba Diving Magazine’s Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

Bonaire is one of three “A,B,C” Islands, including Aruba and Curacao. Part of the Lesser Antilles, they are all part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Bonaire is a special municipality of the Netherlands proper, but they are not part of the European Union.

The fee for the Marine Park and Washington Park is US$45 (~40 Euros) for divers. The fee for the Marine Park for Non-Divers is $35 (~32 Euros) and the fee for Washington Park no-sea access is $20 (~18 Euros). The fees can be paid using the handy form on the website.


John Griffith
John Griffith
John Griffith is an avid SCUBA and Freediver based in Southeast Florida, with over 34 years of experience in the recreational, military and commercial dive fields. Retired from military service, John completed Bachelor Degrees in both Business Administration and Journalism, a M.Ed and PhD in Education. John is a driven conservationist and social activist...with a great passion for sharks, cigars, rum and writing. John is an Associate Editor with


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