Atomic Aquatics Reveal New SubFrame ‘Asian Fit’ Masks

Atomic Aquatics Reveal New Sub Frame ‘Asian Fit’ Masks
Atomic Aquatics Reveal New Sub Frame ‘Asian Fit’ Masks

Atomic Aquatics have revealed a new range of SubFrame masks at this year’s DEMA Show with a new size named “Asian Fit.”

The difference lies in the shape of the skirt which is more suited to a smaller face shape, according to Atomic Aquatics. The new size range, like the other mask size, is so durable it carries a lifetime warranty against frame breakage. The internal frame is moulded directly beneath the surface of the silicon rubber skirt which makes for a more streamlined design and there is no bulky plastic frame. The nose bridge is now strong moulded plastic, not metal.

The SubFrame mask lenses feature a new “UltraClear” standard in glass, and the design offers a wide field of vision. Unlike some diving masks that have a slight green tint due to iron impurities, this glass is clear, resulting in no light loss or incurred visual disturbances in your view. The UltraClear technology performs very well in underwater, low-light situations.

Atomic Aquatics' New SubFrame 'Asian Fit' Masks
Atomic Aquatics’ New SubFrame ‘Asian Fit’ Masks

The new “Asian Fit” masks are available in all the colors as the existing range and Atomic Aquatics have introduced a new sea green color that can be seen across all the products.

The mask retails for 99.95 Euros/~US$109.95. For more info, check out their website at