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NAUI approves more rebreathers

From the NAUI Scuba New Wire (press release):

TAMPA, Florida (October 19, 2007)NAUI has announced the addition of the Inspiration and Evolution Rebreathers manufactured by Ambient Pressure Diving Ltd. and distributed by Silent Diving Systems LLC to their list of approved rebreathers for NAUI training courses that can be found in the Technical Diving Section of their web-site at In order for a rebreather to be added to the list it must be independently tested and pass within the testing criteria as set forth by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

All around the world, countless police, fire and rescue personnel, government officials, public and private security teams are NAUI trained and certified divers. In the United States, US Navy SEALs, Coast Guard rescue divers and other special military forces are trained to NAUI’s high standards as part of their overall training with SCUBA and closed circuit rebreathers; the US National Parks Service and NOAA divers receive NAUI training and certifications.

NAUI Technical Diver Training Division was started over a decade ago to create a higher standard of training worldwide by codifying technical diving community training practices. We were the first major training organization to offer certifications at all levels of diving from traditional recreational training through technical training For expert help, we asked the people who created the technology, protocols and training methods that produced a fledgling technical diving community to participate.

You can find information in the Technical Diving Division Section of their web-site at

Sara-Lise Haith
Sara-Lise Haith
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