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New Documentary On The Gulf Of Maine Premieres In July


A new three-part documentary series called “Sea Change: The Gulf of Maine” will premiere on US Public Television stations later this summer.

“Sea Change” explores a body of water that is warming 97 percent faster than the global ocean, and what that means for the Gulf of Maine – for the animals, for the jobs dependent upon it and the millions of people along its shores – and may serve as a preview of what could happen worldwide due to climate change.

The acclaimed underwater photographer Brian Skerry is a producer of the series, which features his work capturing the beauty of the area in spite of the devastating impact of climate change over the last 40 years. This series is part of a larger project by Skerry to document how warming waters are affecting this unique ecosystem, and includes his cover story on the Gulf of Maine in National Geographic’s June issue (read here).

'Sea Change' (Image credit: NOVA:PBS)
‘Sea Change’ (Image credit: NOVA:PBS)

“Sea Change” blends science, exploration, stunning natural history and stories of human experience to illuminate how what happens here could have profound global implications. Viewers will encounter the spectacular wilderness and wildlife that still teems in these waters. The series also documents the range of people including scientists, Native Americans, fishers and entrepreneurs working to reveal the Gulf’s complex history and helping to understand what role the ocean plays in all of our lives.

According to Skerry:

“I’ve always had a deep love for the Gulf of Maine as a New England native and a current resident. Every other breath we take is of oxygen that was generated from our oceans. But they are now in peril, something that we can document deeply in the Gulf of Maine, an area that has provided for this continent long-before the arrival of Europeans and far into the last century. What once provided a seemingly endless supply of cod fish, lobsters, and clams, now allows us to witness firsthand the devastating changes brought on by climate change. It’s my hope that this series serves as a cautionary tale, as well as a tribute to one of my favorite places.”

“Sea Change: The Gulf of Maine, a NOVA Special Presentation” will premiere Wednesdays, July 24 – August 7 at 10 p.m. ET on PBS, the PBS App and NOVA on YouTube.

(Featured Image credit: Brian Skerry)

John Liang
John Liang
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