New Force Blue Coral Documentary Film Completed

“War Zone” - Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease FORCE BLUE documentary
“War Zone” - Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease FORCE BLUE documentary

The toll Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease is taking on the Florida Keys is highlighted in a new FORCE BLUE documentary that just wrapped filming in Florida.

The film, titled “War Zone,” was shot over seven days in Florida last month and highlights the efforts undertaken by FORCE BLUE to stop the spread of the disease.

FORCE BLUE worked with Directors of Photography Jim Hellemn and Michael Johnson of Blue Ocean Art.

Talking about the documentary, Hellemn said:

“The toll this disease is taking on the reefs of South Florida and the Keys is terrible… But it is amazing to witness the quantity of work being produced by FORCE BLUE and their scientific partners. The enthusiasm and energy put forth by these warriors makes me feel like this fight can be won. Hopefully, what we’ve filmed will show that.”

Over seven days, the filmmakers filmed 22 interviews with leading scientists, researchers, dive operators, and members of the state government to highlight the issue of the disease spreading across the reefs. Interviewees discussed the disease, its devastating effects, and the efforts being undertaken to stop its spread.

Check out the film’s opening sequence below or go to for more info.