Environmental group Oceana this week honored Oscar-nominated actress and activist Diane Lane at a gala dinner in New York City.

The September 10th event featured philanthropic, business, science and entertainment leaders congregating at Rockefeller Center’s Rainbow Room, overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

The New York City native has been a long-time ocean advocate. According to Lane:

“Jumping in those waves is my happiest childhood memory. I joined Oceana because I was inspired to fight back against apathy and feeling overwhelmed. I am energized and hopeful, despite the odds, because we have awakened from our sleep and denial about our planet’s predicament.”

Last year, Lane lobbied the U.S. Congress in favor of passing the Shark Fin Sales Elimination Act, which if enacted would make the possession, purchase or sale of shark fins illegal.

Long-time Oceana board member Simon Sidamon-Eristoff was also honored during the gala dinner.

(Photo credit: Oceana)

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