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Oceanic’s Innovations Keep it On the Cutting Edge for 2017

DeeperBlue.com had the chance to speak with Chris Quinby from AUP during DEMA Show 2016 about what the year ahead will look like for Oceanic. He gave us a run-down on his top three to watch — the new generations of their Manta Ray fins, Pro Plus computer, and Delta regulator.

The new aesthetic looks good on the Manta Ray fins (US$199.95/188.87 Euros), with six eye-catching colors. What’s really exciting about this fin though, is the technology and engineering that go into it. In order to design the most efficient fins possible, Oceanic looked to that greatest of engineers, the natural world. Manta fins are modeled after the bio-mechanics of the denizens of the sea and use three different materials to produce a fin that makes a diver feel at home in the deep. The Techno-Polymer blade mimics bone to give the fin strength and power, while the Power-X System simulates a joint and tendon to lend flexibility. The Power Channel works like the skin over a fin, providing the surface area and hydrodynamic shape to maximize thrust at every kick.

Oceanic's Manta Ray fins
Oceanic’s Manta Ray fins

Learning from the successes and challenges of previous incarnations, Oceanic has refined its Pro Plus dive computer line into the PPX (US$1400/1322 Euros). Building upon the lessons of their VTX computer and its cutting edge OLED screen, they took consumer feedback to heart and sought a no-glare material that would make the screen easier to read at the surface while still providing the brilliant readability so crucial for low viz and night dives. What they found was Thin-Film Transistor (TTL) technology, and they’re eager to hear what consumers think. The unit comes standard with a quick-disconnect high pressure hose, a rechargeable lithium battery, and Oceanic’s dual algorithm system. The Pro Plus X has the biggest display on the market, and the four-button commands give you more control over your data. The PPX also features a sophisticated 3-D digital compass and BlueTooth connectivity so you can link it up with your smart phone or tablet. It’s clear they must be doing something right — they completely sold out their first run!

Oceanic's ProPlus X dive computer
Oceanic’s ProPlus X dive computer

The final product Oceanic is pushing this season is their mid-range regulator, the Delta 5. Long known as a quality workhorse, the new version is actually a redesign of their higher-end EOS regulator and because they’re able to move more volume with the Deltas, they’re able to drop the price point. The upshot of this is a great cold water reg, with an environmentally-sealed first stage the and a diver-adjustable second. They not only incorporate an all-metal valve, but heat exchangers on both the 1st and 2nd stages to harness the friction of the air moving through the reg to keep the diaphragm functioning in the cold. No one else is doing that in a mid-range. The eDX first stage is over-balanced and features four LP ports and two HPs. Delta 5 is Nitrox compatible to 40% and is available in either yoke or DIN.

To see how Oceanic keeps on innovating to stay at the forefront of the industry, check out the company’s website at oceanicworldwide.com.

Erin Durbin-Sherer
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