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Eagerly Awaited Shark Documentary “Of Shark and Man” Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign is pleased to announce the UK Premiere and launch Of Shark and Man on Thursday, August 27. The award-winning documentary, that we reviewed earlier this month, will be screened at The Courthouse Hotel’s onsite cinema in the heart of London’s Soho.

This “by invitation-only event” not only gives attendees the chance to see the premiere of this documentary but also launches the crowd-funding campaign to fund the worldwide launch and distribution of this mesmerizing and thrilling film.

Of Shark and Man, 5 year in the making, is the debut film by UK Director David Diley. The film “tells the inspirational, untold story of Shark Reef in Fiji, a place where locals live side by side with sharks in a world where, far from the villain portrayed in western media, sharks have built an economy of their own and brought a once dead reef back to life.”

Featuring  “some of the most brilliant nose to nose shark cinematography ever filmed”, Of Shark and Man tells the story of a man obsessed with a dream to dive with and chronicle one of the greatest aggregations of Bull Sharks in the world. Stunning underwater scenes capture the raw power and majesty of these magnificent apex predators, while underscoring a strong conservation message.

Louise Heaps, Marine Chief Adviser at WWF-UK is quoted as saying:

“Like hundreds of marine species, sharks are in serious decline from overfishing. This extraordinary film demonstrates that there is another way, and that iconic animals like the sharks of Fiji are precious resources that more than repay the efforts made to protect them. WWF is proud to help promote the message that respecting nature is the best way to achieve sustainable livelihoods and a prosperous and healthy future for everyone.”

The team behind the film are currently running a crowdfund campaign to raise funds towards the film’s public release, details can be found at The producers goal is “to raise £31,991, all of which will go into a targeted and professionally run release campaign, to get Of Shark and Man out there so you can see the film for yourselves.”

There are numerous perks in the offering, including top of the line range wetsuits, regulators, computers, masks, fins, etc. from Fourth Element, Apeks, Suunto and Aqualung. By purchasing your new dive gear through the crowd-funding campaign, instead of getting it from a retailer, you are contributing to “a film which supports marine conservation and visitors to the site can qualify for a drawing for an adventure of their own…”.

Anyone who donates £350 or more will be entered into a drawing for a once-in a lifetime adventure, a fly, dive and stay package for two at Shark Reef, diving with the sharks in Fiji! See more at:

John Griffith
John Griffith
John Griffith is an avid SCUBA and Freediver based in Southeast Florida, with over 34 years of experience in the recreational, military and commercial dive fields. Retired from military service, John completed Bachelor Degrees in both Business Administration and Journalism, a M.Ed and PhD in Education. John is a driven conservationist and social activist...with a great passion for sharks, cigars, rum and writing. John is an Associate Editor with


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