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Why Take A Freediving Class

We should you take a freediving class? Explore your options

7 Key Yoga Poses For An Effective Freediving Stretching Routine

Want to take your freediving stretching routine to the next level? These yoga poses will enhance your flexibility and strengthen key muscle groups.

Freedive Mexico’s Cenotes With Two World Champion Freedivers

Ren and Ashley Chapman of Evolve Freediving have teamed up with Carlos and Gaby Coste of Deepsea Bonaire to host their second adventure exploring the cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula slated for February 24-March 4.

Kiwi Couple Tags Sharks While Freediving

Kiwi couple Riley Elliott and Amber Jones recently freedived with sharks off the Aldermen Islands near the country's North Island.

Umberto Pelizzari The Latest Guest On The Freedive Cafe Podcast

Freediving great Umberto Pelizzari is the latest guest on the Freedive Cafe Podcast.

[PHOTO] Hammers on Hammers

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week.

Dahab: A Training Mecca For The Budget-Conscious Freediver

The Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt, is an excellent budget-friendly destination for a freediver's next training getaway! Here is why.

Apnea Apps Now Available For Various Garmin Sports Watch Models

A freediver has developed apnea software for various Garmin sport watches.

Hawaii Lifeguards Gathering Safety Data On Snorkeling Incidents

The question of whether full-face snorkeling masks are safe to use is still being asked, with limited answers so far.

Opportunity To Take Part In An Extreme Sports Research Project

Exciting opportunity to take part in an interesting psychology study.

[VIDEO] Variables With Kimi Werner

We take a look at our Video Of The Week - Variables with Kimi Werner

[PHOTO] Mermaid

Welcome to this weeks Photo Of The Week.

Revolutionary Freediving Goggles Unveiled

Revolutionary freediving goggles unveiled

How Freediving With Baited Whale Sharks Is Actually Killing Them

While freediving with whale sharks looks harmless and fun, freediving with baited whale sharks is actually harming their diet, migratory patterns, and causing unnecessary injuries to them.
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