The identifiable style of Prawno‘s Lia Barrett is easy to spot. Her clothing designs evolve from her underwater photography, and then get realized in an environmentally friendly format of recycled materials with a message:

“Make single use plastics a wave of the past.”

In the above photo, she holds her Plastic Wave T-shirt, which shows the narrative of the battle our oceans are facing, and serves to remind people to be aware of their role in it.

Additionally, Prawno‘s new Kanteen thermos has a use that helps keep people from using single-use plastic bottles, and also lists a number of other ways to be aware of how our habits can influence the world.

Prawno's New Canteen Thermos
Prawno’s New Kanteen Thermos

The Kanteen and Plastic Wave T-shirt each retail for US$35/33 Euros.

For more information, check out the Prawno website at

By Craig Harris

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