The Outlaw BC is for the badass diver, and the folks at Aqua Lung are not afraid to say that.

Of all the new gear showcased in the Aqua Lung booth at this year’s DEMA Show, the Outlaw BC is a standout.

Very simplified, it is meant for the diver with excellent buoyancy control. It sports Soft D rings as well as a daisy chain loop feature for multiple ways to attach your specific gear. Weighing only four pounds/1.8 kilos, it would make for a good travel BC.

Multiple adjustments make it a very flexible, modular system that will be the new platform for all BCs for Aqua Lung. Scheduled for release in February 2017, the Outlaw will retail for US$389/367 Euros.

Aqua Lung's New Outlaw BC
Aqua Lung’s New Outlaw BC

Check out the company’s full slate of products on the Aqua Lung website at

— By Craig Harris

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  1. I cannot believe how bad the content and navigation is if you follow the link on mobile devices to the Aqualung website. Really a shame. This BCD not listed either.

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