The “Sharkwater Extinction” documentary by the late and great underwater filmmaker and conservationist Rob Stewart will debut in select European theaters in March 2019.

Sharkwater Extinction” will be coming to theaters in the U.K. on March 22nd, and will be available on digital in Germany next month, as well. It’s currently available on digital and VOD in the USA and Canada.

A red carpet premiere took place in Los Angeles, California, Stewart’s home base, on January 31st, and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival subsequently held a special screening of the documentary on February 2nd.

Among the celebrities in attendance at the U.S. premiere were actresses Bo Derek and Hayden Panettiere, as well as actor Stuart Townsend, plus filmmaker Andy Cassagrande and more. They joined Team Sharkwater and producers/parents Brian and Sandy Stewart to celebrate Rob and his amazing film.

'Sharkwater Extinction' U.S. Premiere
‘Sharkwater Extinction’ U.S. Premiere

Check out the trailer for “Sharkwater Extinction” below, or go to the website to learn more.

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