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Salvimar Launches New Wetsuit and Carbon Fiber Dry-Vacuum Pneumatic Speargun

Founded in Italy in 1962, Salvimar has been an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of spearguns for the likes of ScubaPro, Mares, and Cressi for decades. Stefano Salvi, son of the founder, launched Salvimar as a retail brand in 2010.

Salvimar is the only company that can manufacture a vacuum system speargun in Europe and has just launched the Dark Side carbon fiber dry-vacuum pneumatic speargun.

Available in 55cm, 85cm, and 115cm sizes, the vacuum technology is intended to provide more power and shaft velocity. Since the shaft cylinder is dry when loaded, the firing mechanism is only pushing the shaft, not the shaft and the added burden of water.

The speargun has a user-serviceable gasket and muzzle. The spearo can change the muzzle literally by just unscrewing the current muzzle and tightening on the new one. This allows the user to switch between a 7mm or 8mm shaft depending on whether the hunter’s intentions or conditions call for the speed of a smaller diameter shaft or the additional punch that accompanies a larger diameter.

Petros Yiannikouros of Maverick America provided an overview of Salvimar’s new Nebula.Skin wetsuit. Maverick America is Salvimar’s United States distributor.

The open cell suit has a polyurethane lining and Yamamoto neoprene. This unique combination dries almost instantly and provides a smooth-skin suit feel, but with much greater strength. To prove the point, Yiannikouros forcefully grabbed a handful of the suit along the ribcage of the mannequin and pulled it mercilessly. Upon releasing his grip, the suit instantly regained its shape and appeared to be no worse for the wear.

The suit is not yet available, but will come in 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm thicknesses and includes an integrated hood. The edges are aquasealed, the suit is blind-stitched, and the cut is ergonomically designed. Several camouflage patterns will be available. A retail price has not yet been determined as they finalize sourcing agreements. Quality control and 80% of the manufacturing takes place at Salvimar’s impressive facilities in Italy, which ensures that products meet Salvimar’s exacting standards.

Maverick America’s Petros Yiannikouros demonstrates the flexibility of the company’s new Nebula.Skin wetsuit.
Maverick America’s Petros Yiannikouros demonstrates the flexibility of the company’s new Nebula.Skin wetsuit.

Dr. Branon A. Edwards is a PADI Divemaster and former Scuba Editor for DeeperBlue.com. He is an avid diver, spearfisherman, and sailor who lives aboard a 32-foot sailboat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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