Scuba Schools International Multi-Lingual Continuing Education DVD Now Available

Scuba Schools International (SSI) has announced the release of a multi-lingual DVD. The DVD is designed to keep current customers excited about diving, as well as encouraging them to sign-up for SSI Specialty Courses.

The DVD is one of the components included in SSI’s 2004 Continuing Education Program which was developed to help retailers promote and implement Con Ed successfully. SSI is the only organization that offers this type of high quality business system.

The DVD takes the user on a journey through the fun, excitement and possibilities of SSI Specialty Courses. It emphasizes the value of using specialties to increase experience and help increase diving enjoyment. It allows the user to review a menu of all specialties and what they will learn when taking the courses that interest them.

The DVD also reinforces how taking specialties works in conjunction with SSI’s recognition program. It discusses how taking a certain amount of specialties helps the diver earn higher levels of recognition.

The Continuing Education DVD which includes English, Spanish and German translations, can be used by SSI Dealers as a give away to their current Open Water Diver students, recent Open Water Diver graduates, or anyone else they consider a potential customer.

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