One of the brand-new exhibitors at this year’s Blue Wild Ocean Adventure Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is Scubotics, a company that unveiled the SeaPal, the world’s first underwater autonomous drone that can capture 360 degrees of video in 4K.

The SeaPal sports a 26-inch (66-centimeter) wingspan, a two-hour battery life, six 4K cameras that convert video into 360 degrees, a 200-foot (61-meter) depth range, and can track a diver from 100 feet away.

The SeaPal has been in development for about three years, with the past 18 months being a “hard-core development mode,” according to Scubotics Chief Operating Officer Jes Steigerwald, who added:

“We raised our first set of seed funding to get off the ground. We’re in the beta-test phase right now to get the next set of seed funding to ramp up production.”

While the SeaPal’s retail price is still to be determined as there will likely be more than one model (i.e. professional, consumer, etc), the consumer model will probably retail for around $1500, Chief Marketing Officer Tommy Evans said.

For more info about the SeaPal, check out the Scubotics website at

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