Technical Diving Now Available At Fantasy Island

Two Technical Divers silhouette
Two Technical Divers silhouette

Fantasy Island Resort Roatan is now offering a range of PADI technical diving courses at its resort.

Technical diving is any type of diving beyond recreational diving depth or time limits. So dives beyond 40m/130ft are technical dives, as well as dives that are shallower but for a much longer bottom time than would be allowed with regular recreational diving. Technical diving involves the use of specialized equipment, as well as gas mixtures including Nitrox, Air, Oxygen, and for deeper dives trimix.

Courses on offer include:

  • Discover Tec.
  • Tec 40.
  • Tec 45.
  • Tec 50.
  • Tec Sidemount.

For more info, send an email to or check out the Fantasy Island Resort Roatan website.