Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The Cayman Islands Outlines The Steps For Its Reopening


The Cayman Islands government has outlined the steps that the island nation will take to reopen fully.

The reopening will occur in six phases, with the last phase not scheduled to occur before early 2022. The six phases are as follows:

    1. The reduction of quarantine periods, from June 2021, as vaccination uptake rises and infection rates stay low.
    2. Reduced Repatriation Restrictions: From August 9th, 2021, GPS monitoring will be removed to stress test the government’s ability to deal with increased traveler volumes.
    3. Limited Introduction of Tourism: From September 9th, 2021. The move is subject to achieving an 80% vaccination rate. Tourist and flight numbers will be limited.
    4. Reduced Quarantine Restrictions: From October 14, 2021, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer have to quarantine.
    5. Travel for Unvaccinated Children: From November 18, 2021, children under the age of 12 who are unvaccinated will be able to accompany vaccinated adults.
    6. Welcome Back: no firm date, although the first scheduled assessment date is January 27, 2022. At this point, the government will decide how to proceed with lifting restrictions.
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy
Sam Helmy is a TDI/SDI Instructor Trainer, and PADI Staff and Trimix Instructor. Diving for 28 years, a dive pro for 14, I have traveled extensively chasing my passion for diving. I am passionate about everything diving, with a keen interest in exploration, Sharks and big stuff, Photography and Decompression theory. Diving is definitely the one and only passion that has stayed with me my whole life! Sam is a Staff Writer for