Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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Tag: diving travel

Blue O Two Announces New ’21 Itineraries’ Campaign

Blue O Two and their friends at WWDAS have announced their second installment of the “21 Itineraries” campaign that highlights some of their favorite scuba diving liveaboard itineraries.

A Quiet Lake – The Battle of North Twin Lake

While the world battled the global pandemic, a small lake in the US became a political battleground for some local freedivers.

Curacao Is Now Allowing Travelers From All Of The USA

Curacao has announced that it is open to travel for residents of every state in the USA from the beginning of the year.

Emperor Maldives Offering No Obligation, No Deposit Deals For 2021 Trips

As more flights return to Male, Emperor Maldives have been having some fantastic encounters in November and December.

Zublu And The Future of Diving Holidays

Dive Holiday platform Zublu highlights why it thinks liveaboards may be the future of diving holidays.

New Cozumel Center Opened By Pro Dive

Pro Dive has announced the opening of a new facility in Cozumel.

PADI Offering ’Book With Confidence’ Dive Travel Deals

PADI is offering a platform that conveniently allows divers to book their dream dive trip with confidence that you'll be able to cancel your trip easily.

Nautilus Liveaboards Back In Socorro With Great Offers

Nautilus Dive Adventures is back in Socorro with a great “Dive Now Pay Later” offer.

Paralenz, ZuBlu Announce A New Environmental Preservation Partnership

Action camera maker Paralenz and travel company ZuBlu have announced a partnership for a sustainable future in dive travel and ocean exploration.

Master Liveaboards Returns To Scheduled Itineraries

Master Liveaboards has announced it has resumed operations across several destinations.

The World’s Deepest Pool – The Deepspot – Has Now Opened

Deepspot - The world's deepest pool open to divers has now opened in Poland at an impressive 45m / 148ft

Aggressor Adventures Picks Up Two International Travel Awards

Aggressor Adventures has won two 2020 Silver Magellan Awards.

Dive Assure Adds COVID-19 Coverage Benefits

DiveAssure has added several COVID-related coverage benefits.

Bahamas Names Three New Dive Ambassadors

The Bahamas Tourism Ministry has appointed three British divers -- Adam Hanlon as well as Nick and Caroline Robertson-Brown -- as Dive Ambassadors for the Caribbean nation.