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The Diver Medic Showcases Diving Emergency Medical Responder Course

The Diver Medic showcased its Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) course at this year’s DEMA Show in Orlando, Florida.

Many divers are familiar with The Diver Medic social media group created by Chantelle Newman in 2010. The Diver Medic Facebook group helps promote safety in diving and provides medical information to divers around the world. The group has been a hit around the world and divers are learning new skills and ideas everyday.

Chantelle has parleyed her skills as a Paramedic into a comprehensive and certified emergency medical training organization with a focus on divers. Partnering with Divers Alert Network (DAN) Europe and Code Blue Education Ltd., Chantelle and her UK-based business partner Ian Wilson offer offer a number of courses worldwide, from the Diver Medical Technician course, the DAN DMT for Recreational Divers course, the International Marine Contractors Associationaccredited Diver Medic Technician course to the Pre Hospital Emergency Care course.

The newest course being offered by The Diver Medic is the EFR Instructor authored program Diving Emergency Medical Responder (DEMR) Course. The DEMR Specialty Course is to provide the knowledge and skills that are necessary for an emergency to help reduce pain, sustain life and minimize the consequences of an injury or sudden illness. This course is the next level up from First Aid training. This course sits between First Aid and the EMT level and is a great compliment to the Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder courses offered by most dive certifying agencies.

Prerequisites include being certified as an EFR Primary and Secondary Care Provider PADI Rescue Diver, or equivalent certification or have a qualifying certification from another training organization. Students must have proof of current CPR and first aid training. Ongoing training means training within the previous 24 months. The Instructor will verify documents.

The course will consist of two sections, the first section will be online theory, and the second section will be a minimum of two days practical and the certification will be valid for two years. This is a The Diver Medic course and can be taught worldwide by qualified medical personnel and certified instructors.

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John Griffith
John Griffith
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