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TUSA Debuts New Paragon Mask, Switch Fin At DEMA Show 2017

Front and center on display from TUSA at DEMA Show 2017 is the new Paragon Mask. This is a definite eye-catcher with its reinforced tri-mix frame, featuring the first metal frame in the TUSA line. This high-end durable design is expected to be a hit as it is an improved combination of the many tried-and-true TUSA technologies.

Upon its release in March of 2018 there will be five colors to kick off the debut at a retail price of approximately US$200/~172 Euros, but it is expected to become available in many of their other exciting hues in the future.

This newest release will also be presenting an improved version of the popular TUSA Freedom technology mask skirt, referred to as Freedom Fit II Technology. The varying thicknesses of the silicone along specific areas has proved to provide a more comfortable and versatile fit for a wide range of divers. In specific areas of the mask skirt, research has shown that a thinner silicone beneath the nose results in a more ergonomically and high-performance fit for areas of the face where many divers may experience leaks or a less than ideal fit.

In addition to this feature they have carried over the five-angle buckle system designed to sit along the skirt to customize a better fit for an array of divers. This articulating clip allows for the strap to be adjusted perfectly to fit any divers head. Finally, the Paragon is also highlighting their new Anti-reflective UV420 lenses which yields 100% protection in comparison to 98-99% protection provided by the previously used UV400. The added quality of the lens blocks high-energy light by absorbing it, easing divers minds with this added protection.

This year an added highlight from the TUSA line is the new Switch Fin paired with the popular HyFlex foot pocket, a recent release on the market last year.

TUSA Debuts New Switch Fin At DEMA Show 2017
TUSA Debuts New Switch Fin At DEMA Show 2017

The Switch Fin is a polyurethane blade which is completely detachable from their ergonomically geared foot pocket. Some great benefits that come along with this pairing is the ease of traveling with the easy to assemble units and well as their stellar performance in the water. The flexible properties of the Polyurethane materials used provide an increased fin response while maintaining fin shape through the wear and tear of our many underwater adventures.

An additional notable feature you will easily spot on many of TUSA fin options is their Angled Blade Design (ABD) which has been carefully executed to improve the efficiency of kick cycles and positioning in the water. The new Switch fins are set at a 20 degree angle, a technology which is designed to direct more energy into propelling divers forward more comfortably and efficiently. For more info and a better look at these products check out the TUSA website at

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