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What’s New With Bigblue

Bigblue Dive Lights is a company that is a go-to for high lumens for exceptional prices.

Erin Boone, Sales and Warranty Specialist, gave me the run-down on Bigblue’s 2017 lineup during a chat at DEMA Show 2016.

We always could use a little more power underwater is how I look at the situation when buying or selling a dive torch. Then we have Bigblue who corners the “bang for your buck” market in regards to lumens.

My starting ground is the AL1200 (US$159.99/151.10 Euros) which is an upgrade from last year’s AL1100. This is the highest lumen light that you can use out-of-water, although Big Blue says all of their lights have automatic shut-offs to prevent heat damage. I will not leave my light to the out-of-water chance as we move up the Bigblue product line.

Next on my interest list is the TL-3100 Supreme ($459.99/434.42 Euros) and you guessed it, 3100 lumens is power in 4 brightness settings, and each one I would be happy with on a night dive. Although the TL series is out, the Supreme doubles the battery life to 3 hours at full power and up to 30 hours at its lowest setting.

On we go to the VL-6500 ($599.99/566.64 Euros), another upgrade from the 5800-lumen 2016 model. This is my limit for brightness since I have no practical reason or rhyme (or camera worthy of its brightness) to pull the trigger of the power of the sun.

The higher-end models come in a Tri-Color version which I am a fan of. Tri-color has the 4 brightness settings along with a cool-white, warm-white and red which is perfect for the underwater photographer or videographer.

Finally, Bigblue has a way to meet your Flouro-lighting needs. Unlike other flouro-supporting companies, Bigblue has attachments to change your current light into a flouro blue light that will excite the coral and animal proteins and change the way you night dive.

Attachment kits which include the mask filter and torch filter for the CF250 is $64.99/61.38 Euros, a TL-3100 flouro kit is $99.99/94.43 Euros and the Video oriented VL-15,000 P-Pro mini’s Filter is $89.99/84.99 Euros but the mask filter is sold seperately ($37.99/35.88 Euros) for this powerful light, sorry guys no kit for this P-PRo mini.

For more information, check out the Bigblue website at

— By Mike Sasso DEMA Team DEMA Team
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