Ratio Computers’ iDive freediving and diving computers are not just a gauge, but actual computers with their own operating system and a true diving and freediving assistant, Chief Technology Officer Attilio Piacente told DeeperBlue.com at DEMA Show 2016.

One of the iDive’s features is that for training you can input your desired depth for that day and it will calculate and set up all your warm-up dives.

The display will show the time of your surface interval in black and will turn white when you are ready to dive again to make it easier to keep track of the time and not being necessary to read the numbers.

All their freediving computers include a new IPTM algorith for Taravana prevention, Hemoptysis prevention, a 3D compass, USB interface as well as a rechargeable, integrated battery which lasts for up to 40 hours of dive time and 2-3 months in watch mode with 6-7 months on standby mode.

The display is 100 percent matrix 80/80 pixels and is backlit by a SuperBright LED light.

The Advantage model has a maximum depth range of 220 meters/722 feet, and the Sport Edition is waterproof down to 150 meters/492 feet.

The iDive Free Sport with a composite case retails for US$549/518 Euros; the iDive Free Advantage computer with a stainless steel case retails for $649/613 Euros; the IDive Free Nero Notte Advantage with a stainless steel case retails for $699/660 Euros.

The company also sells a pair of high-end. luxury style computers: the iDive FreeSea Jewel edition where the case is enhanced with Swarowski Crystals ($749/707 Euros) and the iDive Free Nero Notte Sea Jewel ($799/755 Euros).

For more information, check out the Ratio Computers website at ratio-computers.com.

— By Vaclav Havlik

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