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A Chat With Becky Kagan Schott At DEMA Show 2018 had the pleasure to sit down with Becky Kagan Schott to get updated on what she has been up to.

For the few who do not know who Becky is, she is an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, rebreather instructor, image maker, travel hostess, and adventure-seeking member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame. Fresh off the tail of an undisclosed — she could tell us but would have to kill us — production for Smithsonian Channel, she made her way to the annual DEMA Show in Las Vegas to share future plans.

Becky grew up in Florida and was drawn to the local caves at a young age. Geography helped too; she was able to connect with some of the best pioneers in the sport of cave diving to help her learn her craft. Her love of diving blossomed into a desire to share what she experienced. She was a nightly news cameraperson which led to a marriage of her two skill sets into a life-changing path making storytelling in, on, and underwater her full time advocation and job. More recently, she has found a love for the rusty steel of wrecks.

This year has seen her diving at both polar regions, Chuuk (AKA Truk) Lagoon, the Great Lakes of the USA, and her beloved Florida amongst other locations, almost always with her camera in tow. She has expanded her universe from one of solo image maker to adventure travel hostess with the mostest where she guides clients on unique diving opportunities in not-so-easy-to-get-to or common destinations. She spent a good chunk of her summer on multiple trips to her new favorite place: deep diving the wrecks of the many Great Lakes of the USA.

The new year will have Becky back in Florida where you can book a meeting to be photographed in her beloved caves, intermixed with another summer season in the Great Lakes and a first-of-its-kind deep expedition to the Cocos Islands. To find out more check out her site and learn about all of her adventures at

Grant Graves
Grant Graves
Grant has been diving for over twenty years and has over 5000 dives.  He is a trimix instructor trainer and PADI Course Director.  He has a BS in marine biology from Long BeachState.  He has been technical diving, as such, for over 15 years.  He is a published author and photographer.  He is a working cinematographer / videographer / director.  You have probably seen his work on the diving adventure series The Aquanauts.  He has been a participant in many of DSAT’s productions to develop media for PADI and others.  He is the owner Scuba And Film Enterprises, LLC, a water safety/coordination company that facilitates water work in the entertainment community. He is a Board Member of the United States Apnea Association. No matter what mode he is diving, Grant is striving everyday to help advance the sport and share his love of the sport and its environment with the world.


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